Kate Jenkins Knits Delicious Treats

Knitting all sorts of delicious foods is Kate Jenkins’ favorite thing to do. This artist finds a way to make us appreciate all those delicious treats that aren’t particularly great for our health in a whole new way. Just a heads up: her lifesized pies, bagels, croissants, and other foods may make you crave the real thing.

Jenkins learned how to knit and crochet when she was a little girl. She realized at the age of eight that she was better at “interpreting an idea by creating it in 3d using wool rather than through painting or drawing,” as Brown Paper Bag writes. As she was studying fashion and textile design, she was always on a lookout for different ways to channel her love of wool, textile, and color.

Her Instagram page, devoted to knitted foods, has nearly 30,000 followers who appreciate her art. Follow her if you’d like to see more of her work on a daily basis. Who knows, it may inspire you to give knitting a try and create something amazing yourself!