Jynae Bergeron Creates Pyrography Art on Reclaimed Wood

Jynae Bergeron is a Canadian visual artist who specializes in pyrography art. Using a woodburning tool, she creates intricate pieces inspired by animals, plants, and landscapes on reclaimed wood.

Bergeron inherited her love for wood-based art from her father and grandfather, who were both woodworkers. When she was a teenager, she received her grandfather’s old woodburning tool and became interested in pyrography. She continued to perfect her skills over the years and eventually became “an expert at the niche”, according to her official website.

Nowadays, pyrography art is one of Bergeron’s main preoccupations. But she isn’t only using the practice as a creative outlet and a way to continue her family’s legacy of woodworking. She also views it as “a way to draw attention and appreciation to an array of landscapes and wildlife.”

Bergeron aims to capture the beauty of the natural world and hopes her works will motivate others to step up in their efforts to conserve and protect it. She also makes her contribution by using reclaimed wood for her projects.

“I strive to use reclaimed wood wherever I can to minimize my impact on old growth forests and give the trees another chance in being admired visually through home decor instead of heading to the landfill,” she explains on the website.

Check out some of Bergeron’s impressive works below.