Juliana Hyrri’s Illustrations Are Full of Mischief

We’ve recently taken to Juliana Hyrri’s quirky illustrations. Full of mischief, her characters (mostly portrayed using a limited color palette) are round, joyful, and unapologetic.

“I consider myself as a restless soul and I believe it’s visible in my art: I want to do pretty much everything,” she told Ape on the Moon. “I work in the fields of comics, illustration, painting, drawing, installation, animation, you name it.”

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Hyrri currently studies Visual Narrative at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She’s also completed minors in illustration and sequential art and studied art education.

“Besides art, I’m interested in collecting plants and changes; changes in life, changes in people, changes in places,” she shared. Her personal website also states that she is interested in storytelling, innocent and evil, and moments when time seems to stand still.

Take a look at some of her fanciful creations in the gallery below.