Inspiring Journal Illustrations of the Natural World by Joe Brown

British professional illustrator Joe Brown keeps a unique journal that seems like it comes straight from fantasy movies and animes. Inside the journal, Brown keeps entries about the amazing things she encounters in the natural world.

Brown’s entries consist out of beautifully done drawings of plants, insects, animals, or flowers that pop up from the pages and almost look alive. She also adds little notes around each drawing to add more information and fun fact about the subject of the entry.

According to the artist, she started the journal because “she wanted to record the things she was discovering, as she found them because nature is one of the most important things in her life.”

Brown also says that most entries in her journal consist out of things she encountered in her own garden. She hopes others will also be inspired to pay closer attention to go explore their backyard and meet the world that surrounds them. 

You can browse Brown’s journal on her Instagram profile but also as a paperback book.