Illustrator Jennifer Liu Will Accept Nothing Less Than Perfection

Illustrator Jennifer Liu doesn’t shy away from color. Her distinctive style – bold, graphic, and using clear contrasts, has been widely celebrated, with features in publications like The New York Times, The New Yorker, TED, NPR, Bloomberg, and many, many more.

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Made on digital platforms, Liu admits she’s not much of a sketchbook person. “I’ve always been too precious with my drawing to really enjoy doodling as a pastime,” she told AI-AP.

“Currently I work 100% digitally, which gives me complete control and ease to work as freely and comfortably as I please. With analog mediums I’ve never been fully able to kick the anxiety I feel over ‘messing up a certain area of the drawing, although I did come from a very traditional background all throughout high school and university.”

Still, she doesn’t rule out traditional techniques altogether. “Perhaps one day I’ll return to analog again when I finally learn how to not give a damn about perfection,” contemplated the Toronto-based illustrator.

Fond of J-RPGs, Asian hip-hop, and anything currently trending within the nerd community, she admits her Chinese heritage has a strong pull on her. And apart from working as an illustrator, Liu also teaches 4th Year Illustration at Sheridan College as an adjunct professor. 

Check out some of her Instagram highlights in the gallery below.