Husky Wakes Up His Owner In a Dramatic Way

Huskies are fun breeds to have. They are vocal and very energetic. Like many other dogs, they love attention and won’t take no for an answer.

This husky in the video loves attention, and he’s not even hiding it. He wakes up quite early every morning and storms into his owner’s room to wake her up. He pushes her back with his paws, giving it all he’s got.

The video was posted by a Twitter user who claimed the pet’s owner is her sister and she took the video. It has since gone viral with almost 2 million views and 167 likes.

Several Twitter users commented and shared similar experiences of how their own pet wakes them up in the morning. Many said their pets smacked them in the morning to wake them up while others are woken by a warm hug each day. Which would you prefer? A warm hug or a smack?