How to Fix a Burnt Table Using Ramen Noodles

For a while now, social media has been abuzz with DIY repairing. But have you ever heard of the noddle repairing hack? Noodles can be used to fix many surfaces, from broken bumpers to cracked sinks.

One video shows a man fixing a burnt table with dry ramen noodles. The man who seems to be an artist came up with a weird but effective way to fix the problem, amassing more than 450,000 viewers on Instagram.

He did this by applying epoxy on the burnt portion of the table and went ahead to apply it on the crushed noodles, after which he used the noodles to fill up the burnt part of the table. With additional steps like filing, color application, and spraying, the table was back to its original look.

Many social media users wondered what would happen if hot water was poured over these repairs. But the water-resistant coating would protect it from water damage.

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