How One Building in Taiwan Tackles Global Warming

Global warming is a cause for legitimate and immediate concern and some governments are doing their best to reduce its effect. Asian countries have resorted to planting trees in skyscrapers to clean up the air.

One particular structure is an architectural wonder. Located in Taipei, Taiwan, the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan structure is a sight to behold. It was designed by Vincent Callebaut and is built to house up to 26,000 shrubs and trees.

It aims to reduce 130 tons of carbon dioxide per year. This is equivalent to about 27 cars. The country has a much larger emission level, but this is a small step towards protecting the environment.

This amazing building has about 42 apartments which are spread out over 20 floors. The spiral shape isn’t for beautification alone, it allows sunlight to reach all parts of the building at the same time. It is also powered by solar energy to reduce dependence on electric energy.