Artist Makes Large Scaled Illustrations of Trash

Bella McGoldrick makes art on a large scale. The young, New York City-based illustrator uses colored pencils and markers to create her art. She focuses on everyday items, and since last year has been drawing objects that people throw away.

“I start on one corner, at times with marker as a base, then fine tuning with colored pencils layer upon layer for 70 hours or so to complete the piece as what I like to think of as ‘high res’!”, McGoldrick told Fubiz. “The scrunching and manipulating of the subject before I draw it, influences this result also; the imperfections of the subject lead to the highly realistic drawing to fit a little more modestly incompletion.”

She shares her work on her social media accounts where she has gathered over thousands of followers.

Scroll down and take a look at some of her work.