Guy Recreates Famous Memes in a Japanese Style

Doge, Grumpy cat, Be like Bill, Hide The Pain Harold, and many other humorous images, videos, and texts that are rapidly shared by people online are called memes. They often have their equally funny variations.

When the artist behind the Instagram account Ukiyo Memes wanted to surprise his wife with a unique Christmas gift, he never thought it would be the beginning of his art project called Memes of the Floating World. He gifted her a Woman Yelling at Cat meme illustrated in a classic Japanese style.

This is how he describes his work, “In this strange dream world, classic Japanese woodblock print art and legends mash-up with memes, dead and living, and internet lore from the past and present. I don’t know where this project will take us next, but it’s sure to be at least a little bit dank.”

You can check out the gallery to see his unique work. If you are interested in purchasing some of his prints, take a look at his social media accounts.

Do you have a favorite internet meme?