Brian Ahearn Creates an ABC About Unique Animal Facts

While creating his art, Brian Ahearn from Oneonta, New York wanted to combine fun and useful facts because why not have fun while learning something new? At the beginning of 2020, he started drawing his comic titled Zoodraws that includes unique animal facts.

His love for the animal kingdom began in his earliest years, which he later merged with his passion for art. He explains that thanks to his project, he has learned so much about all kinds of animals.

“My favorite thing about working on Zoodraws is the amount of new knowledge I gain when I research an animal, and I gain even more respect for it,” Ahearn shared on Bored Panda. “Seeing so many readers all around the globe express the same sentiment while having a good laugh makes me happy.”

Besides sharing his work on his social media platforms, he is currently working on his book as well, where he is compiling his most interesting comics.

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