Follow Pavlov the Corgi’s Many Adventures

Pavlov the corgi seems to have it all: a blossoming Instagram page, his own merch, and more than 115k followers who follow his every (small) move. His owners, Los Angeles based social media content creators Anthony Osuna and Tram Nguyen, are more than happy to share his many adventures.

Amongst these adventures are snow hopping through Utah (a video of him hopping around has been featured in the Daily Mail) and a college graduation ceremony at UCLA. “Thus far, UCLA hasn’t formally recognized Pavlov’s graduation, but if they wanted to give him an honorary dog-gree, that would be pretty legit,” joked his owners in an interview with Mashable.

“Pavlov’s graduation was something that we thought would be cute and fun since the UCLA community has been such a big part of Pavlov’s life thus far,” Pavlov’s humans explained. Both Osuna and Tram have graduated from UCLA, both majoring in Psychology, which inspired Pavlov’s name.

His online persona is an eclectic blend of portraiture, adventure, and lifestyle photos and videos through the lens of a dog owner. Each of his photos is uploaded with a funny caption, which makes for an altogether cuter effect.

Prepare to aww.