Filip Hodas Turns Cartoon Characters Into Fossilized Skulls

Prague-based artist Filip Hodas turns beloved cartoon characters into 3D sculptures of fossilized skulls. Showing the skulls against bright backgrounds and adding a recognizable detail to each of them, he emphasizes the contrast between his version of characters and the way we know and love them.

Next to each sculpture, there’s a card that states its made-up zoological name and the year when the character first appeared on TV.

“Initially, I wanted to make them stylized as dinosaur fossils set up in a museum environment, but later decided against it, as the skulls didn’t look very recognizable on their own—especially with parts broken or missing. That’s why I opted for (a) less damaged look and also added some assets to each of the characters,” Hodas told This is Colossal.

Check out his work below and follow him on Instagram if you want to see more.