Agnes Grochulska’s Emotional Portraits Feature Colorful Outlines

Agnes Grochulska is an artist whose portraits show incredible emotion but still leave room for the viewer to interpret them the way they see them. Her art doesn’t reveal everything but always leaves something to the imagination. In order to achieve that, she focuses on bold brushstrokes for the faces and leaves the bodies pretty much unfinished. Also, her portraits are outlined with bright colors that emphasize the muted palette she typically uses.

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“While my work is anchored in representation, I try to not only focus on depicting the details of my subject but also try to capture the emotion—the essence of it,” Grochulska tells This is Colossal. “There is a moment when I look at the painting and feel the emotion is there.” She feels like this is the perfect moment to step aside and declare a painting finished.

See more of her art below.