Ex-Musician Finds His Passion in Food Photography

For Dennis Prescott, the road to realizing what he wanted to do in life wasn’t short. It took him 10 years as a musician until he realized that his favorite thing about van-life was to make food for others. Photography was just always kinda there and so, he finally took a leap and combined his two biggest loves.

โ€œI became obsessed with cooking food, but more specifically feeding people. That specific aspect of orchestrating in dining, in the sense that youโ€™re spending another hour at the table, I really wanted to invest in that as someone who lived on the road,โ€ Prescott shared.

With a phone full of photos of delicious meals, it wasn’t long before he decided to start publishing them on Instagram. Today, he has nearly 500k followers and the number just keeps growing by the day.

See his photos below.

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