Elvira Jonsson’s Whimsical Braids Look Like Art

Braiding is a talent that many of us wish we had. While looking at the hairstyles of Disney princesses and scrolling through our Instagram, it’s clear that braids are here to stay and they’re becoming more complex than ever before. But, besides for the classic, simple braid, replicating these styles is difficult and that’s where the braid queen, Elvira Jonsson comes in.

Elvira Jonsson loves braiding hair and she takes the simplistic braid up a couple of notches with intricate designs, headscarves weaved through her hair, and well-placed flowers.

Although each of her posts on Instagram features a braid, each one is very much different from the last. In some of them, her hair is half-up half-down while in others she turns her hair into a braid crown.

The best part of her account is that she teaches her almost 40k followers how to recreate the hairstyles in step-by-step videos, which make it seem easy to do. But, don’t be fooled, these braids take patience and skills.

These hairstyles would be perfect for the beach or a summer wedding. There’s really a look guaranteed to fit any occasion and any hair length. We only wish that our hair was as long and blonde as hers.