“Dogue” Covers are Taking Over Social Media

One of 2020’s newest trends the #VogueChallenge, which has people editing pictures of themselves on the cover of Vogue. Dog lovers have been taking the challenge to the next level by putting their pets on the cover of the magazine.

The covers are as cute as they are funny and some are even super fashionable. But, would you expect anything less from Vogue? Since the challenge went viral on Twitter and Instagram, an official Dogue Instagram has been created which is managed by two-dog lovers from Poland.

The Instagram creators were inspired to create dogs in an original way and they wanted to focus on how “beautiful and versatile dogs are.”

“They are cute and sweet but I also wanted to show some beauty in a fun, easy way,” a representative from the Instagram page told Bored Panda.

When deciding which dogs to feature on the covers they look on Instagram for interesting dogs and when the pandemic is over they plan on having shelter dogs on the covers to help them find forever homes.

“Making all of these covers is just pure joy for me, I hope that looking at them brings a smile to you and others,” they added.