Eight Acorns Will Make You Fall in Love With Pressed Flower Art

There are many ways to preserve flowers and protect them from the passage of time, and pressed flower art is one of the very best. If you still haven’t discovered the magic of this whimsical art form, Anastasia of Eight Acorns is here to welcome you into that dreamy world.

The Boston-based flower lover has been creating raising pieces decorated with pressed flowers for almost a decade and she prides herself in being one of the first artists to start this trend.

“It’s quite difficult viscous material that I started working with back in 2010 and absolutely fell in love with. My pieces looked like frozen in time little terrariums. With time I self-taught and perfected my casting technique, developing a style and aesthetics I have today,” says Anastasia on her official page.

Her love for flowers goes a way back, and she’s been dabbling in press flower art for quite some time. She started creating flower art to preserve her collection of botanical finds, and her hobby eventually grew into a pretty successful business.

In addition to rings, earrings, and necklaces, her offer now includes a wide range of non-jewelry items, including cards, frames, ornaments, and floral crystal terrariums. To learn more about her art, head to the official website of Eight Acorns and check out her Instagram page.