Artist Paints Beautiful Art On Her Own Skin

Randa Haddadin is an artist from Dubai known for painting gorgeous artwork on her skin. Using a mix of pens and paint, she draws beautiful bouquets, portraits, and architectural images on her thighs. They are temporary and the artwork only gets saved in the photos she takes.

“My work is my visual diary,” Haddadin writes on her website. “A therapeutic journey of constant self-rediscovery, heavily inspired by my inner demons and dreams, other times inspired by cities and urban contexts, people and fashion.”

She reuses the “canvas” over and over again, simply washing off the previous painting before moving on to the next. She often incorporates elements like calligraphy and drawing to make her paintings richer.

Haddadin already has a rich work portfolio. She’s worked with brands like Armani, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and even publications like Vogue. She sells prints and original artwork in an online store, which is a great place to see all the things she’s capable of.

Of course, she’s also on Instagram, currently on the verge of getting her 200,000th follower. Don’t forget to follow her profile if you want to stay up to date with her work! Scroll down for our selection.