Dušan Zaevski Turns His Childhood Dream of a Treehouse Into An Adult Reality

Every kid that ever lived has dreamed of having a magical tree house as a secret place where they can play uninterrupted, high above the ground and far away from the reach of grown-ups.

Dušan Zaevski, a self-taught architect, will show you that the joy of living up in a tree isn’t reserved just for those in grade school. Zaevski grew up in a house in the city center without a yard to play in, which is probably why the idea of living in a tree house is so intriguing to him even as an adult.

Wanting to build a house which symbolizes a perfect symbiotic relationship with nature, Dušan taught himself everything there is to know about tree houses and turned his dream into a reality.

Take a look at this magical tree house made with lots of love, located in the heart of Mt. German in eastern North Macedonia.