Decked Out: Unique Tea Sets Sport Russian Prison Tattoos

Oftentimes, being original doesn’t mean creating something anew but rather combining/juxtaposing two very different ideas together. Such is the case with Valeria Monis’ ceramic work.

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Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, raised in Haifa, and living and working in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Monis has been creating ceramic sets since graduating from Holon Institute of Technology in 2015.

Her unique take on the tried and tested tea set? Combining porcelain with Russian prison tattoos. Each of her ceramic pieces is designed, crafted and illustrated handmade, incorporating illustrations taken from photographs, personal stories, and the Soviet police prison files. And just like an original tattoo, each plate is a single edition.

“FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE connects the subversive art of Russian criminal tattoos with traditional blue porcelain design, uniting two opposed but equally important and influential strands of Russian art history,” reads her website.

Check out some of her creative designs in the gallery below.