David Rivillo’s Quirky and Colorful Pasta Designs Will Change The Way You Look at This Dish

Pasta is one of the ultimate comfort foods that we all know and love, and David Rivillo will make you see it in a whole new light. This pasta designer will knock you off your feet with his colorful and unique pasta creations that have to be seen to believe.

Rivillo started professional culinary studies in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2016, and that’s when he started working with fresh pasta. Three years later, he started experimenting with different colors and designs as a way of paying tribute to Carlos Cruz Diez, and that was just the beginning of an amazing journey.

The pandemic gave him more room to experiment and the time spent inside during lockdowns truly lit his creative spark. He started creating pasta in different shapes and colors, drawing inspiration from nature, art, textiles, architecture, and everything in between.

Rivillo had to deal with a lot of trial and error because there wasn’t a lot of information on colored pasta. He did his own research, figuring out how to keep the colors and structures of his designs, and managed to cook up something truly extraordinary.

“I studied the science behind every ingredient involved in pasta, including the natural colors, to get the quality that I’m getting now. My research skills and knowledge in chemistry and food science helped me throughout the process,” Rivillo told Bored Panda.