Aiden Kringen’s Powerful Portraits Balance Between Reality and Abstraction

Some artists strive to get close to reality in their works, while others forgo reality completely and take their art more to the side of abstraction. Then there are artists like Aiden Kringen, who like to walk that line and take the best out of both worlds.

Kringen is a well-known name in the art world thanks to his powerful portraits that blur the line between reality and abstraction. He paints portraits and figures emerging from shattered backgrounds or seeming like they were broken down into pieces that were then reassembled.

Kringen was introduced to art from early age by his mother, an artist and graphic designer, prompting him to get interested in drawing and painting. This allowed him to get familiar with different techniques, both old-school and modern, and use his keen eye for details, especially when it comes to observing people, to develop the style that has now become his calling card.

According to the statement on his website, the process of painting for him involves “balancing between reality and abstraction,” and he applies this routine “down to each single feature of the face or hand.”

“I dissect the figure using line work, dividing between tone and texture, and then reconnect the pieces along invisible planes throughout the painting,” Kringen explains.

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