Creative Cosplayer Portrays the Most Unexpected Characters

Once a niche industry reserved only for the deviants of society, cosplaying has truly become an art of its own and dare we say, gone mainstream, with more and more people investing time to don elaborate and creative costumes these days than ever before.

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Of course, because of this growing number of aspiring cosplayers, competition has become a little bit stiff.

Because of this, cosplayers are constantly trying to outdo each other, whether it’s by finding out new ways to create costumes or finding the weirdest characters to cosplay.

Mira Park, who cosplays under the name beebinch, belongs more to the latter.

Instead of going with the more mainstream characters in anime and cartoon shows, Mira Park chooses to portray the less famous and more unexpected ones.

The result? Some of the most hilariously creative and eye-catching cosplays you’ll ever find.

Although we’re all entitled to our own opinions as to whether or not Mira Park’s cosplays are great or not, we can all probably agree that they are, at the very least, eye-catching.