Couple Transforms School Bus Into a Beautiful Mobile Home

For most people, making the decision between having a beautiful home and traveling often is one of the hardest things that they have to decide during their lifetime.

Most choose the comfort of having a beautiful home, because, why not?

For one couple, they decided to do both at the same time.

Robbie and Priscilla bought a 1998 Thomas School Bus, spent nearly two years remodeling it and the result is many times better than the typical camper van that you see so often in many travel pages these days.

Featuring an open floor plan with enough space for a full bed for two and a full-sized kitchen that’s larger than in some apartments in metro cities, the mobile home is every bit as beautiful as any typical suburban home.

The only difference is that this home is literally on wheels.

The couple finished working on their bus in March of this year and they haven’t looked back.

The two document their travels on their Instagram, Going Boundless, and you can see exactly just how much fun they’re having traveling all over the place.