Claire Mort’s Pop-Art is Inspired By the World Around Her

With just one or two strands of embroidery thread at a time, pop-art stitcher Claire Mort creates finely stitched pictures that make a huge statement. The award-winning British textile artist, aka “Pop Goes the Stitch,” has worked on collections in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Her journey to get to where she is today wasn’t an easy one. In an interview with Textile Artist, she said she’s always been drawn to textiles, “I have always stitched and played about with fabric from as early as I can remember,” and that her mom’s creations of jumpers and cardigans from balls of wool. While growing she looked forward to going to wool shops with her mom and enjoying the smells of the fabrics, the piles of wool, and the sight of ribbons and buttons.

Before becoming the artist she is today, she suffered setbacks and from self-doubt, which caused her to hide for nearly two decades. Mort decided to make art her full-time career after hearing negative feedback from her local art gallery curator that her work was too simple.

Influenced by the world around her and her life experiences, she’s inspired by everything from social media to the changes she’s seen in the world since her childhood including the #metoo movement, 100 years of suffrage, advertising, and typography.

It’s no wonder that each embroidery takes her around 150 hours, given the amount of detail in each piece.

You’ll want to follow her work. Check out some of our favorite pieces below.