Cafe in Germany Practices Social Distancing By Giving Customers Pool Noodle Hats

Around the world restaurants, malls, parks, and gyms are starting to reopen their doors after being shut down due to the coronavirus. In Europe, Germany is one of the first countries to ease their restrictions as the virus has slowed down. German businesses are remaining cautious and taking the necessary precautions to ensure a second wave doesn’t occur.

One German cafe in Schwerin called Café Rothe Schwerin reopened and started serving its customers outside to maintain social distancing. They also placed tables 1.5 m (4.9 feet) to keep distance between their customers.

Jacqueline Rothe, the owner of the cafe, took the extra step and came up with the creative idea to make sure customers keep their distance—pool noodles! Café Rothe Schwerin attached pool noodles to its customers’ hats to help them keep their social distances.

Bored Panda reached out to Rothe about the odd idea and she said it was a one-time event for the reopening of the cafe and that customers won’t be wearing these pool noodles hats regularly. But, we can only hope more restaurants use this creative idea to help us practice social distancing.