Chewie Isn’t Your Typical Pomeranian

Social media sensation Chewie the Pomeranian is living it up in LA, wearing fancy outfits and chomping the best, most premium, dog food. Known for his high-five abilities, the Pom has amassed more than 100,000 fans on Instagram and three times more on Tik Tok.

But the superstar pet didn’t always have it easy. He started his life in China with a group of unwanted dogs, sold for consumption in China’s meat market. His parents knew they had to do something and, though they had never owned a dog prior, decided to buy him for a mere $35.

“We heard of the breed as kids growing up, but since we never had dogs, we knew nothing about Pomeranians,” admitted the owners in an interview with Hello Bark. “It wasn’t until we brought him home with us and took him to the vet that they said he might be a Pomeranian…. But Chewie isn’t your typical Pomeranian,” they assure us.

“Chewie has made us fall in love with the breed. Pomeranians are known to be yappy, aggressive and stubborn. Chewie is the complete opposite of all that. He has his own characteristics and makes us think a little boy is trapped inside this dog body.”

Described as “the chillest dog you will ever meet,” Chewie is super friendly with everyone and loves kids, making him the ideal pet and friend. Oh, and he’s also really cute.