Check Out These Adorable Cookies Made By Busy B Bakehouse

We all love a delicious and good-looking cookie, right? Well, if you have a sweet tooth just like we have, then you have to check out Busy B Bakehouse on Instagram. Their fearless leaders, Madison and Marry Bagley, make royal icing cookies and cookie cakes you would feel sorry to eat.

Their first batch was made in 2019, in Madison’s kitchen. It started as a one-woman show but soon transformed into an extraordinary duo.

Madison is the cookie artist, while Marry is the cookie baker. Together, they make artwork for your eyes and taste buds.

“Everything we make is made from scratch with love and prayer. We pride ourselves on proving cookies that not only look beautiful but taste even better,” the women wrote on their website. She also added that currently, they’re booked until the end of 2021.

All cookies are made to order, and since it’s currently the fall and Halloween season, their profile is full of pumpkins, gravestones, spider webs, monsters, and skulls. We can all agree that they’re so perfectly done!

If you’re a fan of beautifully decorated cookies, check out the gallery below. Which season is your favorite?