Cassy is Matching Her Manicures to Her Favorite Beauty Products

Instagram is overflowing with influencers promoting the latest products of the world’s top beauty brands, but Cassy Daraiche is taking things to a whole new level. She’s making new products even more appealing by rocking amazing manicures that match them perfectly.

Daraiche started her beauty journey by running her own blog called Cassy’s Life in Lipstick, which mostly featured beauty reviews and tips. She isn’t a professional makeup artist, but simply someone who’s always looking for ways to improve their beauty skills.

The Alberta-based blogger eventually made a shift from blogging to Instagram, and her page was a huge success. Daraiche currently has over 185,000 followers, and her stunning matching manicure photos are part of the reason why.

Daraiche is always making sure that her nail art perfectly matches the tone of the products she’s holding, including lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadow palettes, nail polishes, and more. In addition to giving us a lot of nail inspiration, this beauty blogger is always making sure to tag the products she’s holding, in case anyone wants to add them to their makeup bag.