Casetify Challenges Artist to Create Artworks Using Discarded Phone Cases

In recent years, phone cases have become a big source of plastic waste. People usually get bored with a phone case, throw it away in the garbage, and get a new one. A recent study by National Geographic estimated that more than 7 billion plastic phone cases get discarded in landfills each year.

Casetify, Hong Kong-based phone case producer, recently decided to do its part in minimizing the waste that comes from plastic cases with a Re/CASETIFY campaign. As part of the campaign, the company challenged various artists to use discarded phone cases in their artworks.

 “They Re/CLAIMED what were once discarded phone cases and turned them into earth-friendly, high-quality works of art. Re/CASETiFY’s recycling program has recycled over 430,000 phone cases,” the company explains.

Among the artists that took part in the challenge was designed by Nikolas Bentel, who used discarded phone cases to make a handbag.

Ceramic artist Adam Blythe, on the other hand, made a vase out of 700 phone cases, preventing them from ending in a landfill.

Casetify isn’t stopping here. The company also recycles discarded phone cases to make new ones and intends to eliminate “virgin plastic” from its supply chain by 2030.

Check out more of Re/CASETIFY art below.