Benjamín Drápal is the Essence of a Traveling Musician

Being a musician is a pretty darn hard profession to choose, and anyone who’s ever tried their hand at it knows that quite well. Due to this, you may wonder why so many people pursue it anyway. The reason is because artists are so passionate about their vision that the process doesn’t even feel “hard” to them. It’s all part of the journey, and Benjamín Drápal understands that very well.

A traveling musician in is own right, this artist isn’t afraid to work hard. He’s willing to busk day and night if it means networking himself just a bit more. Perhaps that’s why his sultry singing voice has already attracted the likes of over a thousand followers on Instagram. It’s clear as day that Drápal is on a positive path, and is excited to see where it leads to.

This acoustic guitar-wielding singer is also pretty impressive when it comes to how he promotes himself on Instagram. If you scroll through his account, you’ll notice that he’s quite savvy with his placement of photos so that the entire experience looks engaging. If you’d like to learn more about him and listen to his music, give him a follow as well!