Bad Microblading Procedure Leaves Woman With Four Eyebrows

Having two brows to take care of is just enough. Imagine your picture going viral just because you were given another set of brows, and in the worst way possible.

Jami Ledbetter was born without any eyebrows, so she was more than thrilled when her daughter gifted her a Groupon for microblading. Unfortunately, it did not turn out as planned. Kara Gutierrez is the skilled tattoo artist who is now taking care of Jami’s four eyebrows.

“I was aware of how they looked (because of a photo she sent along before we met) so I tried to look at her and not the bad brows. But I wanted to cry because I couldn’t imagine being in her position and, mainly, because nobody would be held accountable. Microblading is not regulated in our state and quite frankly I was angry at our Missouri legislators for not seeing this as something to regulate,” Gutierrez explained.

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‼️PLEASE SHARE‼️ It’s April fools day…. this is NO JOKE!!! Please know microblading is a tattoo, find a person who knows how to properly tattoo, has 100d’s or 1,000’s of their own work to show you, licensed/insured, REAL REVIEWS & if they are booked out in advance that’s a good thing (wait on them & get on the cancellation list!) I have to remove this beautiful woman’s botched brows from a realtor turned “artist” who learned how to microblade online with Phi Brows course for $1,500 & was offering microblading off of Groupon (after speaking with her she has quit and went back to being a realtor ) 👉🏻see the first photo for her work. This woman went to her nice studio and thought she was getting what she sees everyone else bragging about online on how awesome the tattoo is and wound up getting the first picture! Then when that artist saw the results after a couple passes ended up apologizing, said she refunded her money then gave her $ back along w paying whoever to remove them! Now enter Dee’s Brows 🙄, who I posted info about as well (see second photo of the terrible camouflage/new tattoo) that did Camouflaging (matched skin tone and tattooed it over fresh tattoo & New microblading the same day (which you can’t do!), charged her a whopping $400 total for both the “fix” them…. after seeing the results of them healed the client started her research and finally found me to remove them properly from a local PMU tattoo artist who does not offer removal. Soooo… months later after they healed I got to see her….this beautiful woman now has 2 sets of brows and the red bloody brows is the reality of what removal after session 1 looks like. We will do about 3 or 4 sessions (8 week intervals & you have to let them scab to remove them) yes scab on your face! This woman allowed me to share her story thank God and I will update you on the rest. Fact: How I run my business 👉🏻 If you are another PMU only or body art tattooist who does what I do as respect I remove them but will not tattoo them back on bc I do not take clients after I get referrals from another artist. Body art Tattoos included! Even though I do little tattoos here and there permanent ma

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Are these your brows? #groupon #badmicroblading

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