Azuma Makoto Creates Astonishing Floral Sculptures on a Frozen Lake

Azuma Makoto is a Japanese artist who specializes in flower art and botanical sculptures. One of Makoto’s most intriguing projects is Frozen Flowers, in which the artist creates astonishing flower sculptures on a frozen lake located on Hokkaidō island.

Makoto made his first Frozen Flowers sculpture back in 2018. It consisted of various floral arrangements that were put stacked on top of each other and then covered with water to freeze. The ice ended up forming a uniquely-shaped sculpture that showcased the vibrant color of the flowers.

After the success of the first installation, Makoto made another in 2021 before returning to make a third one earlier in February. Each time, the weather conditions were different, causing a unique look for each version. This is part of the reason why Makoto intends to continue returning to the same site in the future and make more Frozen Flowers.

Makoto and his collaborators work on the installations at night, when the temperatures are the lowest. By the morning, the finished sculpture appears, ready to be captured on camera before dissolving under the heat of the sun.

With Frozen Flowers and his other floral works, Makoto aims to “increase the existential value of flowers by finding out the most mysterious figure only owned by flowers and plants and converting it to the artistic expression.”