Artist Reimagines Social Media Sites as Anime Characters

Sillvi, otherwise known as @sillvi_illustrations online, has a reputation for re-imagining things into anime characters.

Earlier this year, we featured Sillvi’s art skills as he re-imagined popular food chains into human characters and drew them “anime” style. But, this time around, he’s expanded his reach to encompass more than just popular food chains.

For his latest art series, Sillvi made it a point to feature popular media sites.

You know, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so on.

We already know just how good Sillvi’s works can be. His earlier works went viral and held the attention of most of the world once he uploaded it onto Instagram.

There’s very little doubt that this latest series of artworks is going to be just as well received.

Be sure to scroll down below to see Sillvi’s works in all of its glory.