Delicious Desserts That Will Trick Your Mind

Ben Churchill is a talented chef who describes himself as a food illusionist because he creates unbelievable desserts that look like everyday foods and objects. From carrot cake shaped like a carrot to apple mouse that looks like a rotten apple, Churchill manages to keep surprising his customers with his unusual, yet delicious desserts.

This talented food artist has over 10 years of experience as a chef, but only recently he decided to focus on making pastries.

“I decided to learn the basics, but decided to move into mimetic food, just to see what could be done. This gave me the bug to start teaching myself more and more”, Churchill told Bored Panda.

Once he mastered his skills, Churchill wanted to see if he could use his desserts to trick people’s minds. Luckily, he had more than enough inspiration to do this.

“Everything inspires me, it could be modern events, the media, online culture. But recently it’s been wanting to see how far I can push human perception and good taste.”

In 2017, Churchill also published a book named Food Illusions Vol. 1, in which he explained how he creates his works of art.

Take a close look at his magnificent food creations and enjoy.

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Pear parfait, charred overnight oats, almonds, honey

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