Artist Recreates Famous Paintings on Abandoned Buildings

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit museums and enjoy fine art and classical paintings in person. That is why Julio Anaya Cabanding decided to bring the famous museum paintings outdoors. 

The Madrid-based street artist recreates the works of Caspar David Friedrich, Johannes Vermeer, Enrique Simonet, and many more, painting them on walls of buildings and ruins, and allowing bypassers to enjoy them.
Cabanding art gives an idea on how famous paintings can fit into urban environments.

“The result is not only a painting that pretends to be a painting and a relationship with an environment,” says Cabanding, “it is also the action of taking the picture of the museum, stealing the image… and the sacrum of the institution to put it in another place, in a place where it is never seen or seen in a different way.”

Check out some of Cabanding’s works below.