Artist Makes Tiny Game Of Thrones Sculptures On the Tip of a Pencil

The excitement about the new season of Game of Thrones is creeping up on us. And one artist decided to do something with the built-up tension and inspire fans with amazing GOT microsculptures.

Salavat Fidai makes tiny sculptures on pencil tips. From the King of the Night, the dragons, to the White Walker and the famous Iron Throne, his masterpieces are breaking the internet.

“To create such unique miniature sculptures, I use an ordinary craft knife, a magnifying glass, and a microscope to add tiny details,” Fiai explained. “I think the most elaborate piece from the Game of Thrones exhibition; it was the Iron Throne. It took me three tries and three weeks to create the final piece. The Titan of Braavos sculpture was also a tough one as there were a lot of fragile and intricate details in that piece.”

Scroll down to check out his incredible work.

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