Artist Creates Funny and Relatable Comics About Motherhood

Motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding feeling, but it also comes with quite a few challenges and sticky situations. As a mother of two, artist Mary Catherine Star is well familiar with all of the ups and downs of motherhood. It is why she decided to start Mom’s Life Comics.

Her everyday life as a mom inspired Star to start making funny and relatable comics that have been hugely popular on social media. They cover all sorts of different subjects, ranging from moms taking on a larger share of responsibilities in the household to other mom-specific happenings.

According to Star, she decided to start working on these comics during the pandemic. It was a way for her to fill out her time while also connecting with other moms. But what started as a pastime ended up growing into an important project for her.

“My life is my inspiration, so there’s never a shortage of ideas—the challenge is finding the time to express all of them,” she explained in a recent interview.

Star’s comics gained quite a lot of attention among other moms, who love her drawing style and relatable humor. The Instagram page of Mom’s Life Comics has more than 300K followers, with that number rapidly growing each day.