Artist Crafts Tiny Mushroom Houses That Look Like They Came Straight Out of Fantasy World

Nicole Gustafsson is a talented artist known for creating nature-inspired artworks that feature captivating magical elements. She recently presented a new series that saw her crafting tiny mushroom houses that look like they came straight out of a fantasy world.

Gustafsson’s mushroom houses look incredibly cozy and inviting. They have illuminated windows and doors, hinting there might be some magical creature living there while being surrounded by leaves, flowers, and even tinier mushrooms.

The theme of mushroom houses isn’t new for Gustafsson. She previously tackled the same subject in a series of small paintings that imagined mushroom houses hiding on the forest floor under thick vegetation and fallen leaves. 

“The idea of being immersed under leaves and tucked away in a cozy space is really appealing,” Gustafsson said in a recent chat with Colossal. “At a small size, every little leaf and turn around a log can be a whole new world to explore.”

Gustafsson enjoys looking for different mushroom species that she can turn into a home. She also takes on commission work, allowing other nature enthusiasts to give their favorite mushrooms a house makeover.

Gustafsson frequently shares the newest mushroom houses on her website and social media. Check out more of them below.