Artist Challenged Herself to Draw 100 Otters and then Sculpt Them

Karine Forestié is an experienced freelance illustrator from Montreal, Canada whose daily job is SEO consulting. One day she came up with an altogether extraordinary idea: launch a project, where she would focus on one subject and draw it a hundred times. She asked her Twitter community for help.

“I let my followers choose the subject and otters came up,” she shared on Bored Panda. “It took a few days for me to dive in the otters drawing and at first, I found it a bit hard to draw the same animal over and over. But after 10 otters or so I really liked it and found new ways to draw them. In a few days, I was done with the actual pencil drawing and I went on to paint them with watercolors.”

Meanwhile, she was also taking a pottery class and while she wasn’t good at making pots and mugs she began experimenting with little animal figurines, and naturally made some otter sculptures.

Check out her work below.