Architect Uses Art to Illustrate The Importance of Accessibility

As the world becomes more open and inclusive, we need to start thinking beyond adjusting to people from other races, religions, and cultures, and focus on the other differences, such as disabilities.

Did you know that property developers often cut corners when it comes to accessibility? As a result, the lives of people who have disabilities become much harder.

A simple project or improvement that takes just a little extra time and money, could mean a huge difference for someone living with a physical impairment or disability. But, it seems that most property developers are content to simply turn a blind eye to this in hopes that nobody really notices.

That’s something that Azari Mat Yasir, an architecture professor for 18 years, could not bear to deal with.

Using clever illustrations, Azari Mat Yasir depicts the daily difficulties a person with disabilities goes through due to lack of accessibility to buildings.