Amberry Lamb is Using the Power of Embroidery to Create Whimsical Cat Portraits

Artists who specialize in pet portraits aren’t difficult to find, but how about those using needle and thread instead of paint? This description perfectly fits Amberry Lamb, a talented embroidery artist who’s crafting some of the most whimsical pet portraits that you’ll ever come across.

What sets Lamb apart from countless other artists out there who enjoy celebrating the animal world through their work? Pets in her portraits have a human quality to them—largely thanks to the vintage Victorian clothing they’re wearing in each of Lamb’s creations.

If you’re wondering why she decided to “dress them up” this way, it turns out it all started with her own cat Athena. This was the first embroidery pet portrait to come out of Lamb’s little workshop, and since her kitty reminded her of an old lady, she decided it would look adorable if she wore a tiny hat and purple outfit, paired with some forget-me-nots.

This portrait was such a huge hit that she decided to receive commissions, creating similar embroidery art for her followers. After receiving a photo of a pet, she comes up with a costume herself, mostly drawing inspiration from the interesting stories that the owner shared about their beloved furry companion.