Amber Vittoria Paints Women as She Really Sees Them

New York City-based artist Amber Vittoria focuses on femininity and the female form, and the way those are portrayed through art. “A majority of my content is around that idea of showing women how they really are,” she explained in an interview with Medium.

“I feel like growing up knowing that I wanted to work in art somehow,” she admitted. But going to art museums and galleries and seeing that the majority of the artwork was created by male artists proved a challenge and begged the question: who was there to represent her and what she wants to become?”

“On the flipside, the majority of the work that I saw, especially in classical art museums, depicted women, but they were also depicted by male artists,” she went on to explain. “So for me, it just felt so inaccurate. Women aren’t just sexual or just maternal. There is so much more to who we are and how we look, and I just felt like there was such a disconnect.”

She knew she had to do something to flip the narrative around. Now, she paints exclusively women who are presented as quirky, whimsical beings. Bold, graphic, and cartoonlike, her portrayals of women seem at times, more realistic then those we’re used to seeing.

And with clients that include The New York Times, Google, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci, other people are taking note. Take a look for yourself.