Alexey Kashpersky is Having the Time of His Life Living With His Pet “Dragon”

Having a dragon as a pet sure sounds like a dream come true and Alexey Kashpersky made it happen the best way he knew how. He welcomed an albino super crimson iguana Tamerlan into his life, and he’s the most dragon-like creature that you’ll ever come across.

Alexey Kashpersky is the creative director at Newt Studios, who specializes in medical animation, and he loved mythical creatures for as long as he can remember.

“From an early age, almost from the moment I started looking at pictures in books, still not knowing how to hold the book properly, I was hopelessly fascinated by dinosaurs and dragons… Twas something magical, enchanting, inspiring primal awe in these mythical animals,” Kashpersky explains on his official website.

Magic and fairy tales still exist in his life, largely thanks to his unique pet. Back in 2018, he adopted the albino super crimson iguana Tamerlan, who was blind due to his albinism when he hatched. They’ve been inseparable ever since and it didn’t take long for the whole world to learn their story.

Kashpersky started the Instagram page Dragon and Me, where he chronicles Tamerlan’s adventures. Their viral videos offer a unique look at Kashpersky’s life with a “dragon” and their Instagram attracted over 200,000 followers so far.