Adorable 3D Creatures Made By Latvian Artist Nena Kleinberga

Nena Kleinberga is a talented 3D artist from Latvia who tries to make people smile and inspire them with her art. Growing up, she liked playing in her grandmother’s sandbox, which was her first contact with creativity. Meanwhile, after finishing University and receiving a BA in interior design, Kleinberga turned to art.

“For the last two years, I have been learning constantly, growing my skills and expertise,” she said in an interview for Ballpit. “I have had a few fantastic 3D projects with brands, as well as my very own. 3D is definitely not easy but if you love something, there are no obstacles.”

Her colorful and dynamic artworks are born from ideas that she researches and sketches in Photoshop. Then she begins modeling the “fun part”, which means adding the materials, lights, rendering, and a little bit of retouch in Photoshop.

According to her, anything can inspire her to make art. Smiling creatures, and ordinary things like a vintage telephone, cupcakes, doughnuts, and more, are the kinds of things she works on.

“I think the biggest inspiration for me is life: my mindset, my mood. I can get inspired by my cat, food, or other artists,” she added.

Check out the gallery below if you want to see cute 3D stuff.