A World of Infinite Reflections by Rosalia Larsen

Meet Vanessa Rosalia Larsen a talented artist from Norway. Her artistic practice follows a systematic way of working. Larsen loves to experiment with variables such as shading technique and space, grid pattern, and shades of graphite pencils. By alternating one variable at a time, it results in new patterns that emerge in the work.

Although the process follows a controlled and technical way of working, the patterns take on a form of their own. This process allows for infinite visual possibilities.

Larsen’s recent project, Infinite Reflections, showcases the reflective properties of graphite on black paper. The project derives its foundation from Reflective Tones (2013) – which explored the visual effects produced by various graphite tones when applied to black sugar paper. Larsen plans to push the boundaries of drawing by applying a contemporary approach to the use of traditional drawing materials.

The drawings involve using a systematic process of drawing, experimenting with factors such as grid pattern, shading technique, graphite tones, and space, resulting in infinite visual possibilities.

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