Young Man Transforms His Bedroom Wall Into a Motivational Wall

Hishaam Rushin is a South African man who loves painting on walls. On his YouTube channel, he posts time-lapses where he shows how he does his artwork. One of his projects was a Motivation Wall where he shared a few quotes that are important to him.

“Most people would create a vision board to remind them every single day on goals they wish to achieve. So instead of me creating a board or writing it down in a book, I decided to put it on my wall so everyday I’ll see it,” the artist shared on Bored Panda.

While decorating his walls, Rushin uses fabric paint, which is, as he says “super affordable and very colorful”.

Besides writing down his motivational quotes, he also painted his other wall, transforming it into a big and bright mandala. “I wanted to bring some color into my room, so this idea came to me and I must admit I’m impressed of how colorful it came out,” he added.

If you need some inspiration, check out his videos below.