Young Artists Illustrates Real-Life Problems in a Hilarious Way

A 25-year-old girl from Paris named Ariane is an illustrator with an incredible sense of humor who posts funny comics on her Instagram page, ari_stocrate. Her comics are about everyday problems that every young girl can easily relate to – from period cramps and relationships with boys to the funny sides of living with a cat.

The fact that she’s illustrating real-life situations in a hilarious way is probably the reason why she gained a huge following on Instagram. The artist talked about the good and the bad sides of her popularity on social media to Bored Panda.

“The best thing is this wonderful warm feeling to have some many people standing by you and being able to give them back, the worst thing is I had to give a raise to those Peruvian children I keep in my basement doing all the work for me,” Ariane said.

One of the main characters in her comics is the cat called Jasper and it’s actually based on Ariane’s real pet, who became pretty loved by people.

Check out Ariane’s comics in the photos below and prepare to have a good laugh.