You’ll Want to Start Following These Home Decor Designers

If you’re looking for unique, statement pieces for your home, you’ll want to start following these designers who create everything ranging from upholstered furniture and ceramic decorative objects to shag pillows and woven rugs. Their use of sustainable materials, bold colors, and interesting shapes will be the accent piece your home needs.

Elise McMahon

Denim lovers won’t be able to get enough of Elise McMahon’s chairs that are upholstered with bleached denim from discarded blue jeans. Inspired by all things nature, her colorful designs use recycled materials such as fast-fashion waste and old car parts. “Caring about the earth should just be a part of, I feel like, every designer’s practice,” she told Clever.

Joseph Algeri

This designer’s work is quirky and fun. Algeri creates products that feature bright and bold colors and soft textures made from ceramics, foam, and fiberglass. His inspiration comes from 70s cookbooks and construction books, which he has lying around his studio.

Katherine Entis

Textile artist Katherine Entis of Soft Century makes rugs, throws, and other textiles that are fine art, but also meant for snuggling up with. Entis mixes traditional weaving techniques with modern designs and is influenced by fine art and the digital art world—her mother is a painter and her father designs video games. After visiting a workshop in Mexico, she designed an entire collection based on their tapestries and works with Mexican artisans.